Return To Chaos

Utility Functions

Additional utility functions can be accessed by clicking on the scroll to the bottom right of the dungeon entrance screen. From the utility screen you may select one of four options:

Utility Screen

"View Credits And The Great Hall" will display the game credits and The Great Hall of Champions. The Great Hall contains the names and scores of the greatest champions to have completed this dungeon.

Select Champions Screen "Make New Adventure". This option allows you to enter a dungeon using your champions from another game. After clicking on the mirror on the blue utility tablet a list of default characters for this dungeon as well as any available champions from previous save games will be displayed. From this screen you may select characters to add to or remove from your new party by using the mouse or arrow keys to highlight them and then clicking on "edit". Any characters already in your party will have their names prefixed by a number indicating their position in the party.

Edit Party Screen Once you have selected a character the Edit Party screen will be displayed. At the top of the screen you will see pictures of the champions you have already added to your new party. To the bottom there is a summary of the currently selected champion. Additional details can be viewed by clicking on the champions portrait.

If the character you have selected is not already in the party, you may add them by clicking on the "add" button; once added, the "add" button will be replaced by a "remove" button and clicking on it will remove the character from your new party. For characters in your party you may also edit their portrait or colour scheme at this stage by clicking on the "edit" button. Once you are happy with the composition of your new party, click on "Enter Dungeon" to enter the dungeon.

Be careful, however, which characters you choose to take into a dungeon. Most dungeons are designed to be completed by a certain level of characters and if your party is deemed to be too powerful then the adventure will be made harder for you. Monsters will be stronger, faster and cause more damage and your champions rate of recovery will be decreased. As an indicator as to how strong your current party is compared to the intended level a party effectiveness rating is displayed just below your champions portraits; only a foolish adventurer will let this rise much beyond 100 per cent.

Hint Oracle "Consult The Hint Oracle". Sometimes it may seem that there is little you can do to defeat Chaos' sinister traps and relentless minions, but the power of the Hint Oracle will be with you for some dungeons. On entering the Hint Oracle it will divine where you are are in the dungeon, and tell you what it knows about the surrounding area including information about monsters, special items and puzzles. Although it will rarely give exact solutions, it can give useful hints and enough information to help you progress further. This can prove invaluable at times when the puzzles seem too difficult or the monsters too powerful.

To consult the Hint Oracle you must travel to a point close to the part of the dungeon you wish to learn more about, save the game and quit. When you reload, simply select the Hint Oracle option from the blue Utility tablet. The Oracle will then show a list of clues it can give about your location as a list of glowing buttons, each with a short title. If any of the clue titles seem like they might have a hint that can help answer your question, then use the mouse pointer to select it and the first level of hint will appear. If this is not enough, there may be more detailed levels of hints which you can see by pressing the "next" button. To re-read a previous hint, select the "last" button and select "done" to return to the list of hints. Select "done" again when you have finished with the Hint Oracle and wish to return to the game.

"Return To The Dungeon Entrance" will take you back to main entrance screen from which you may enter the dungeon or quit the game.

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