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Frequently Asked Questions

This document is far from complete but offers quick answers to the questions I've been asked more than any others.

1. What are the differences between RTC and DM?

Whilst programing RTC I have not had access to the full source-code for Dungeon Master and so everything has been made up to look and feel like DM; how it actually works is therefore unlikely to be exactly the same. In particular this applies to the ammount of damage each weapon does, the strengths of monsters, movement rates, effectiveness of spells etc.

It was my intention that there should be no substantial differences in main line game-play. However, please don't be surprised if it takes 47 swings of a club to gain a ninja level in DM, but only 46 in RTC...

The major noticable changes from DM are:

2. Why does RTC run so slowly compared to DM?

On 200 MHz (or less) PCs the frame rate can sometimes drop to below 20 fps and movement of the mouse pointer can become jerky. This compares to the original DM which ran quite happily on an 8 MHz Atari ST.

The main reason for this is the support in RTC for high resolution and 24bpp graphics. DM used a 320x200x4bpp mode screen whereas RTC runs at 640x400x24bpp a factor of 24 times more information to blit to the screen each frame. Additionally the smooth lighting effect is achieved by alpha-blending a black layer over the fully lit rendered screen slowing it down further. As drawing the graphics takes some 90% of the time per frame this means that RTC, from graphics alone, will run about 30-40 times slower than DM ever did. This is before factoring in additional Windows/DirectX overheads compared to writing directly to screen memory...

3. Are there any hotkeys?

When playing the game I find it easier to use keys to move the party and the mouse to perform all other actions. RTC has a number of otherwise undocumented hotkeys to allow you to use the keyboard more if you so wish.

4. Can I play RTC in a window?

Yes (but this mode is unsupported). Simply add the line
(with a tab between the two words) to a new line in the config.txt file. Please bear in mind that when running like this, the frame rate will be lower than in full screen mode and there may be some glitches in colour. As mentioned above, this is an unsupported mode, untested and (otherwise) undocumented; if you experience any problems with it, please switch back to full screen.

5. Do you have the DM / CSB source-code...?

...usually accompanied by "...and will you please send me a copy too?".

No...and no. As mentioned before, I have written RTC myself entirely from scratch without reference to the source-code. Please don't ask me for a copy as I don't have one!

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