Return To Chaos

Chaos Unleashed

It was quiet in the dungeon of the Grey Lord. The soft flames of the torches gleamed on The Firestaff, grandly displayed in its case of glass on a field of cobalt blue. The Grey Lord stepped from the gloom at the far end of the laboratory where Theron, his apprentice, worked. Theron often wondered if his master were lonely, secluded in this dungeon beneath Mt. Anaias. Hewn from lava and crystal the mountain was rumoured to be the resting-place of the Power Gem; the orb that thawed the ice from which dwarf, halfling, elf and man alike had risen. Theron was but an apprentice, but he knew of the Power Gem and its ability to alter the fabric of space itself. Legend spoke that without the touch of the proper spell to release it from its bonds it would destroy all before it. Theron had pleaded with his master not to seek the Gem and unite it with the Firestaff, but he was now locked out of the dungeon and the Grey Lord had already decended into the heart of the mountain.

A great explosion ripped through the still night.

A year passed before Theron awoke, but as if in a dream could only see a faint figure standing in front of him. It was unmistakably his master, but dressed in robes of brilliant white. The figure spoke.
    "Theron", a disembodied voice boomed, "You must no longer think of me as the Grey Lord; I have reliquished that name. I am to be called Librasulus, the restorer of Order".
Theron's master was in limbo, his body split in two; Order trapped in the ether but Chaos set free. Lord Librasulus spoke on about the horrors that now lurked in the dungeon. In the time after Chaos was unleashed on the world, many adventurers had tried to enter the dungeon to retrieve the Firestaff, but none had returned. It was rumoured that Chaos had trapped them as his trophies, half alive, half dead in his Hall of Champions; forever held inside mirrors into the netherworld.

Lord Librasulus looked down upon Theron and commanded him.
    "Bring me back the Firestaff. Without it I cannot enter the dungeon and seek the Gem. Only when the two are united will I, your master, have the power to banish Chaos. Only then will the world know a new age of Order".

Now your quest begins. You must choose your champions, take up the challenge to recover the Firestaff, and venture deep into the forbidding dungeon. If your guidance is true, you may restore balance to a ravaged world. If you fail, the all will surely succumb to Chaos.

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