Return To Chaos


Each champion has an inventory of items that he or she carries. From the dungeon view, to select the inventory of a particular champion, move the mouse pointer to the bar charts at the top of the screen and click the left mouse button; clicking the right mouse button anywhere on the screen will take you to the inventory of your party leader. To return to the dungeon view, you may either click the close box in the upper right hand corner of the view, or click with the right mouse button. The function keys F1 to F4 will toggle the view between that of the dungeon and the inventory of the relevant character.

Inventory Screen

A character may carry objects found in the dungeon by placing them into the marked areas on the inventory screen. Some of the areas are for specific types of item for example only shoes or boots may be placed on a champions feet and only helmets will fit on their head. The champions action hand is shown to the right and the ready hand to the left. Below the action hand is a quiver to hold arrows or other thrown weapons; during combat with a suitable weapon the champions ready hand will automatically reload it from items stored in here. The maximum load a champion can normally carry is shown to the bottom right of the screen. As the load carried increases the load will first turn yellow and then red and the character will not be able to move as quickly. The party only moves as fast as its slowest member so be careful to balance your treasures.

Spell Book There are two items that may only be used whilst viewing a characters inventory; a treasure chest will give you extra space in which to store your belongings and the spell book in which you may inscribe any magical runes you learn during your adventure. To put items in to or get them out of a chest, place it in the characters action hand and a display of the contents will appear. Items may then be moved about as normal. Placing the spell book in a characters action hand will open its pages and allow you to view the runes you have learned. Should you be fortunate enough to learn more runes simply move the inscribed object over the spell book and click with the left mouse button. The runes will transfer magically onto the page and they will be ready for use.

Eye Objects can be examined by placing them over the eye and pressing the left mouse button. This will show the objects weight and sometimes other relevant properties. What is revealed depends upon the skills of the champion examining it. Clicking on the eye with an empty hand shows the champions current attributes and skill levels; a coloured box around the eye indicates that one of their attributes has recently changed.

Mouth To the lower right of the screen are two bars representing their food and water levels. If they become hungry or thirsty this bar will first turn yellow and then red. A champions abilities will be impaired if they are not kept healthy and can die from thirst or starvation if left too long. To consume food, water or potions simply move the object over to the mouth and click; obviously only edible objects can be eaten.

Injury Should a champion become injured, the box around the injured body part will change to red. Injuries affect the champions abilities in ways that are related to the location of the wound. Drinking a healing potion may cure injuries.

Sound, Save, Sleep, Return To the top right of the screen there are four buttons; sound, save, sleep, and return. The sound button enables you to switch sounds on or off. The save button will freeze the game and bring up the save-game menu. Here you may save the current game and resume at a later date by selecting the resume option at the dungeon entrance. The sleep button will put the entire party to sleep; a good nights sleep is an excellent way to recover from a long battle. The party will remain asleep until you press the wake up button or they are roused by an attack. The return button will return the view back to the dungeon.

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