Return To Chaos

Quick Start Guide

To begin the game double click on the RTC.EXE icon from within your desktop. After a brief introduction a menu with a list of available dungeons to explore is displayed; "Dungeon Master (Return To Chaos)" is the recommended dungeon for beginners, but there are many more. Once you have selected your dungeon, the game will load and you will be waiting at the dungeon entrance. To begin a new game select "Enter", to resume a previously saved game select "Resume" with all other operations being accessed by clicking on the scroll in the bottom right hand corner of the screen.

Dungeon Entrance

Champions Mirror Beyond the entrance to the dungeon lies the Hall of Champions. Before you begin your quest, you must choose a party of no more than four of these champions to lead into the dungeon. To free a champion from their mirror-prison move in front of the mirror and click on it with the left mouse button; this will display a menu showing their qualities and his or her possessions. Each champion is distinguished by the physical attributes of health, stamina and Mana; the value of each is shown in the lower left corner of the menu. A champion may have developed skills as a fighter, ninja, priest or wizard; you can view these skills, and other secondary attributes, by clicking on the eye in the upper left corner of the menu. Fighters are skilled users of heavy weapons and generally have greater strength than other champions. Ninjas are skilled users of precision weapons and are also noted for their theiving abilities. Priests are the masters of the healing arts, being able to use their magical energies to create restoring potions and other remedies. Wizards can marshal the forces of the magical realm for combat.

To add a champion to your party you may either choose to resurrect or reincarnate them. If you choose to resurrect a champion, he or she will return to life exactly as they were before they were imprisoned. Resurrected champions remember all the skills and other abilities of their past life. If you reincarnate a champion, they will lose their past memories and skills and take on a new identity. Regardless of how you bring a champion back into this world, each will be able to learn new skills, or improve on existing ones. Fighters and ninjas gain more fighting ability by fighting, priests and wizards gain more magical skill by casting spells. Champions may specialise in one skill, or learn a mix of all four skill areas.

Once you have chosen your party, head through the gate and make your descent into the realm of Chaos.

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