Raging Mole

The Raging Mole is a repository for various things that I've done over the years (mostly in a vain attempt to get out of doing any real work!). The games stuff contained here (especially RTC) was writen by me primarily as a hands-on learning exercise in Windows programming; I don't ask for anything in return - if you find them fun / useful, then that's a bonus.

The site philosophy is for a fast download; as such there are no fancy graphics, nor is it a vast source of information - there are plenty of other places to go for that sort of thing ;-)



DMute: Editor for Dungeon Master (March 1999).

Return To Chaos: My own DirectX version of Dungeon Master (May 2008).


The Bumps: A book and CD-ROM about the history of the Cambridge University bumping races (April 2000).

Ph.D Thesis: Jets, Hotspots and Lobe Morphology in Radio Galaxies and Quasars (March 2001).

Battle of the Blues: A book and CD-ROM about the history of the Oxford vs. Cambridge University Boat Race (April 2004).

George Gilbert
c/o Clare College
E-mail: george@ragingmole.com